Summertime is perfect for skate sessions. But what makes skateboarding so special? Why did you start skateboarding? Get a hint about the magic of skateboarding…

  1. Skateboarding for fitnessYes, skateboarding brings some dangers with it, if you think about falling and scraped knees or elbows, but skateboarding is also a training for your body. Skateboarding is just a different way of staying fit, it is perfect for your balance, which keeps your core strong. Furthermore it is also a good workout for the legs. Think of pumping your skateboard for a quite long distance when you are around all day.
  2. Skateboarding for making friendsIf you are out at a skatepark or at a skateshop, you will always find other skaters. It is easy to get in touch, because you share the same passion: skateboarding. It’s an easy way to start a conversation, doesn’t matter what age you are. Skateboarding together with a group of people is much more fun than cruising around alone.
  3. Skateboarding for increasing confidenceWhen you try one trick again and again, you are holding on for a long time, and then you finally land the trick, then you feel it – you feel special – and you realize you are able to do something what other people cannot – to hold on, to keep going, even when you would like to give up. You are able to push your own limits and get better. This is a confidence boost, this is a key to success. It sounds cheesy, but if you had this feeling once, you know how powerful it actually is.
  4. Skateboarding for having funOf course, there are a lot of reasons to go skateboarding, but never forget what it is actually about: having fun! Skateboarding is fun! It lightens the fire in you and keeps your passion going: having fun with your friends, landing new tricks, pushing your limit, boosting your confidence – all these reasons sum up having just fun. Never take skateboarding or yourself too serious – never forget about having fun and having a good time!

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