Hikers are happier people. That’s a fact proven by several studies: frequent get-aways into the mountains are preventative against listlessness and sorrow.

A get-away into the mountains has an influence like an antidepressant. With every altitude difference you make, you step away from the everyday life and leave all your troubles behind you in the valley. Studies show that exercising out in the fresh air effect your brain in a positive way. Hiking is like a balsam for your body and mind.

– “When people are waking up and travelling to work in busy trains, I find myself with friends up high, with beautiful mountain sunrises” – Charley Radclifffe, ambassador for SmellWell.

Our ambassador Charley Radcliffe, who followed his love for the mountains and moved from the UK to the French alps in 2014, started his outdoor hobby when he was 27 and came to the Alps for the first time. He immediately fell in love with a world that was totally new for him and decided to throw himself into it.

But what is this passion made of? What is the reason to keep going?
“I am truly fascinated by exploring my limits – my physical, mental and emotional limits. When you are out on a 12-hour-day, in exposed terrain, pushing hard, you get an incredible insight into who you are and what you are made of. I love the adventure of being in the mountains – it is the wild nature of it all and how different it is from my previous life in London. When people are waking up and travelling to work in busy trains, I find myself with friends up high, with beautiful mountain sunrises – what is not to love?!”

Charley says his favorite mountain is Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix (France), a tough one but always pretty stunning: “As a mountain it is beautiful but then as a playground it is second to none. You can rock climb in the summer, ice climb in the winter, ski the steep couloirs and enjoy classic mountaineering days – all with a lift that takes you to the start!”

When you are out in the mountains, you come home late and you leave early the next day, it is important to get your footwear dry and ready for the next hike. Therefore, Charley uses SmellWell, that works great for him on two levels he says: “First, I have so many shoes that really need to smell better; rock climbing shoes, mountaineering boots, running shoes, ski boots, and then all my gloves. Now they smell great! But also, what is really important is the drying/dehydrating factor. SmellWell has been great at making sure my feet have the best protection the next day!”
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