What is the best way to full take in your new surroundings, observe people and really smell and see the sights?

Konsten att resa

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As difficult as this may seem – turn off your phone – you won’t regret this. What do you do with yourself then? Start a conversation (even if it feels awkward). Be brave! You never know when you are going to meet your new best friend, but if you are too afraid to talk with anyone you can ensure it won’t be during your solo travel. If you think someone or a group of people look nice and fun, introduce yourself and strike up a conversation. A great start is a simple “Where are you from?”, this can feel very awkward, but just think in terms of worst case scenario. If it doesn’t go well it’s pretty certain that you will never see them again. However, you will regret never knowing if the group really was a fun bunch. Maybe you will be invited on the surfing trip they are taking the next day rather than having another day of wandering alone.

Whether it’s trying a new food, like deep-fried crickets in Thailand, simply saying hello to someone sitting by themselves in a park, stopping at a place on the map that you’ve never heard of, or just getting lost all together – you could wind up having an adventure that you’ll never forget

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”  ― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

There’s transformative power in travel. Experiencing new things, getting lost is awesome and boosting yourself confidence. You can be a traveler, not a tourist. These aren’t actually the same things: travelers have an urge to involve and engage themselves within a culture.

Traveling is a fun way to learn more about yourself and world around you. Remember, when you’re considering a trip, think of it as an educational experience. Immerse yourself in the experience, expect the unexpected, trust your intuition, and be prepared to learn just how adventurous and resourceful you are. Just do it! Travel – You don’t even need a reason, or anyone’s validation. Do it for you and because you want to. Eat locally, the local cuisine will save you more money and allow you to experience new and flavorful meals. On the last day of your trip to a foreign country, collect all of your loose change and give it to the homeless.

What to pack?

That depends on where and how long you are travelling, however the golden rule is: take half of the clothes you were planning to bring and twice the money. Don’t stress if you forgot something, see it as an adventure to find and buy it locally. Take SmellWell with you when you are travelling. There is no better feeling than having a fresh pair of shoes and dry bags when you are out and about. To give you a little help for getting the most important stuff together, use our packing-list. Don’t forget: life is to be lived. All the roads signs pointing the same direction saying: get out there and grab life with both hands!