For much of the year, we are all guilty of not taking care of our shoes.

But when autumn or fall rolls around then suddenly there is panic. Weather can change at the drop of a hat – from dry to wet in an instant. Many of us simply run home, throw off those wet shoes and head for a nice warm shower, thinking only of ourselves. But what about our poor shoes left out in the cold? This poor treatment is seriously detrimental to their long-term usage, but there are a few things we can do to remedy that. The following outlines some of the things we can do to actually look after our shoes.

SmellWell Shoe Care

It is a cardinal sin to leave shoes wet and unattended. Leather can dry out and crack, shoes can become misshapen and a bad odor can set in leaving you with smelly shoes. Smelly shoes can also become more of a problem during fall as we spend more of our time wearing them. As soon as you enter the house, instead of flinging those soaked shoes into a corner, spend some time tending to them. Using SmellWell as a daily odor eliminator is one port of call, but it’s also important to maintain better hygiene for your feet. Washing your feet more often, changing your socks regularly and alternating the days you wear the same shoes can also improve the smell of your feet.

SmellWell Shoe Care bags

Using SmellWell in your shoe care routine is a really easy route to take. SmellWell comes in simple to use pouches, which can be placed inside the shoes overnight where they will absorb the moisture and neutralize dampness.

This may feel like a lot of work but it takes less than a minute to care for your shoes and by default your feet – this is nothing compared to having to buy a brand new pair again and again.

SmellWell Shoe Care