It’s finally here again – spring! Ok, it will be a while before we can kick off our shoes, but the days are getting longer and you know how the blossom of spring creeps up on you.

I’m not a jogging fanatic but to my mind I feel that it is time to put on the running shoes and get out on the jogging track or head off on a long walk. Perhaps with an audiobook, an inspiring app or with some lovely music in the ears. Or go without headphones with a good friend or nature alone. Personally, I love to go barefoot. On principle, I take off my socks May 1st and will not put them on again until the end of August. The only downside is that my shoes have a tendency to smell a little extra bad during this period. On the other hand, smelly shoes are par for the course for us all – not least of all those who choose to run barefoot in running shoes.


A contributing factor to the shoe smell is that moisture in combination with dirt, dead skin cells and heat create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and therefore odor. Luckily there is a solution that works – without bactericides. SmellWell absorbs both moisture and the particles that smell bad. Put them in the shoes overnight and wake up to dry and fresh shoes!

It was my husband Vincent who developed SmellWell when he got tired of our daughter Hannah’s smelly football boots. We had ourselves tested several different products – but none really worked all that well. It was frustrating but Vincent, who is an incurable entrepreneur said “It is clear that there is a solution – I just have to get on it.”


The result is SmellWell – now used in more than one million shoes. Or rather, more than half a million pairs of shoes! The best thing is all the positive comments from satisfied customers streaming in and we keep getting ideas for new uses. Everything from Motorcycle side bags to the old linen closet. The latest idea came to me recently. We had guests and were keeping “mature French cheeses” in the refrigerator. Anyone who has been there knows how it smells. I was about to toss the cheese to get rid of the smell but instead threw in a couple of SmellWell bags in the fridge. Imagine my surprise when the smell was gone the next morning!

A natural solution – this is how it works

SmellWell are two small colorful fabric bags that contain natural salts and absorbents produced from renewable raw materials. It effectively absorbs moisture and odor without using bactericides. The only addition is a mild fragrance that enhances the fresh feeling. Stylish and efficient – suitable for everyone and everything.


Regardless of age or gender one of our great designs will appeal to all. SmellWell is available in six different designs and all have the same fresh scent. Smelly shoes can be embarrassing, especially for a teenager but SmellWell is a stylish accessory and the problem vanishes after a night’s use.
Use SmellWell in all kinds of shoes and sports equipment – golf shoes, running shoes, soccer shoes, sneakers, shin guards, helmets, boxing or hockey gloves, straight down in case, in the car – or like me, in the fridge!

Product life is up to 3–4 months (often longer) and the recommended selling price is only $9.95 a pair.