Inspiration. I want you to think about something you always wanted to do. Dream a little and let the imagination run wild. Maybe you wanted to learn to fly? Change jobs? Travel around the world or lose those 15 pounds? Dream big! Dig a little, take out an old dream you put in the trash. Get life back!


What you have now thought of, it’s time for you to make it happen and follow your dreams! Stop thinking about what could go wrong or what problems may arise. Too many go around the same job day in, day out, week in, week out. Too many sit at the desk at their job, looking out at the sky dreaming away to another country without doing something about it. Time to aim high!

“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” – Les Brown

Inspiration - shoot for the moon

Do not become one of those people who waste their lives thinking about all the things they want to do but never do anything about. You’re better, you can be better and you have the motivation there inside to take that little but oh so important first step towards your dream.

Take a moment and think about what it is that is preventing you from not following your dreams. What are you afraid of? Is it fear of failure or is it an economic situation that keeps your dream swept under the carpet?

Maybe it’s time? In a world in which working, spending time with family and checking Facebook every ten minutes or so, it can be difficult to find time to take the first step. Perhaps you can instead of spending all your time on social media or in front of your television spend it actually planning concrete steps towards your goal?

No matter what your excuses are, do not let them get in the way of your goal! You need to consider what it is that puts obstacles in front of your goal and how to overcome them.

Inspiration - your only limit is you

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goals” – Sydney Smith

As a personal trainer working full time with my own company and other projects at hand, I have also had to face that first important step. To dare, to take some risks and to follow my dream. Quitting from a full time job with a good income. A gallery job is secure in retirement. An income that remains unchanged every month, every year. Safe, stable, boring.

Putting that security behind and relying on yourself is one of the most challenging and coolest things to do but also one of the scariest things you can expose yourself to. But you know what, it is so worth it!

I will give you seven steps that I want you to use to start your journey towards your new goals, your new life and your new future!

1. Write a plan

Formulate a concrete goal. “Visit another country” is a less concrete goal. “Visit Spain in the summer of 2017” is better. Also, write down what milestones you need to get to your final destination and let them be as concrete as possible.

Inspiration - A goal without a plan is just a wish

2. Positive reinforcement

Write post-it notes and stick them on the fridge, the toilet door, the bathroom mirror or on your refrigerator. “Spain, here I come!” Remind yourself of what you want in life and how to get there. Remind yourself every day why you do what you do and where you are going. Put up pictures of Spain or whatever your goal may be. To positively reinforce himself and your goals will give you such a boost that you are there, in your dreams!

3. Learn from others

So your goal was to move to Spain? Check around if you have someone amongst your acquaintances who moved abroad. Maybe you can find someone’s blog or look someone up on Facebook. Ask how they proceeded. What should be done and planned before moving? There is plenty of help available and people are actually very accommodating in the world.

4. Be realistic

Although I want you to achieve your dreams you still need to be realistic. The goals and objectives you set up must be feasible. To have a goal of visiting all countries in 30 days would be a difficult goal. However, setting up a goal that in 2017 I will visit all countries is a step towards a more achievable goal. Set up your dream goals realistically.

5. Economy

Plan, google and write down what you need to do purely economically to travel around the world. How much you need to save each month and how you save it. I promise you, you can save thousands if you take down the speed of your broadband, remove some TV channels, change your subscriptions, stop buying candy or start cycling instead of taking the car. YOU CAN IF YOU WANT TO! Remember your goal!

6. Influences

One of the biggest dangers in addition to your own fear is other people’s negativity. You do not need to hear that your goals are stupid or unobtainable. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and support you towards your goals. Meet others who are like-minded. Exchange ideas and tips.

7. The first step

Check out the above six steps. Set your goals and do not be afraid to set them high. You can educate yourself even if you are 55 years old. You can travel around the world alone. You can do so much if you want and dare to take the first small but very important step. Crumple your fear and throw it over your shoulder. You are ready to develop and follow your dreams. If you planned your goals and associated targets, researched and put up a good time frame along with a financial plan you can do it!

Inspiration - Set goal, make plan, get to work, stick to it, reach goal

Take the plunge!

Do you still feel that you need a little more support, and maybe an extra push? Please let me know and I’ll help you to cement your goals and give you tips on how to get going in the best way!

Christoffer Bayard
Personal Trainer & Visionary