How do I use SmellWell?
SmellWell consists of two small pouches that you can put in your shoes, bag or other places where bad odor may occur. Put one SmellWell in each shoe and leave them over night and the odor will be eliminated and replaced by a fresh scent.

For how long can I use my SmellWell?
SmellWell lasts for about 3-4 months. The life length of the product depends on how much moisture there is where the product is used. For example, they tend to last longer in sneakers than in boxing gloves that become really sweaty.

Can I wash my SmellWell?
No, SmellWell should not be washed. If they start to smell after a while, you can put them in a place with a good circulation of fresh air and your SmellWell will soon be fresh again.

Does SmellWell contain phthalates or biocides?
No, SmellWell does not contain any phthalates or biocides.

Does SmellWell contain any anti-bacterial components?
No, SmellWell does not include anything that kills bacteria. The natural components help remove the odor.

Is the ink used to print the outer bag approved?
Yes, the ink is tested according to REACH Appendix 1-3 to make sure it does not contain any harmful substances.

Does SmellWell come with different fragrances?
No, it is the same fragrance for all the different designs.

Why do my shoes smell so bad after a while?
All over our body there are glands that produce sweat. During training we sweat to regulate our body temperature – and our feet tend to sweat a lot. Sweaty shoes are a great place for bacteria to grow and after a while they start to smell as a result.