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Very pleased with the result. Tried to put the bag in a pair of old shoes that did not smell so good overnight. In the morning the shoes smelled good and fresh. Can really recommend these. Will definitely invest in more.
Thank you for the sample! Put SmellWell in my training bag that did not smell good after having sweaty clothes and shoes in. Very satisfied with the result. Easy to use and leaves a fresh pleasing scent. Will buy these from now on.
Never tested SmellWell before but just heard about them. Have used my test in my work shoes in a cabinet when not in use. Must say it works. It both smells and feels very fresh. From me they get a thumbs up. Will invest for several years to come.
SmellWell took away the bad smell and moisture in my training shoes in one night! Finally something that works!
Yesterday I received my sample. I had just run 10 km in my running shoes that did not smell very fresh afterwards. I put SmellWell in and waited until morning: the smell was gone! The shoes even felt drier! I’ll definitely buy more :)
I am really pleased, works well both in the gym bag and in the shoes. Can definitely recommend it.

Many thanks Jonathan and Bodil

Jonathan & Bodil
I have tested Smellwell for a couple of days and am very pleased with the result. The shoes became dry and smelled fresher after just a few hours.
I have to say that SmellWell is a piece in a small package, it really takes away all odors you can imagine. I want to put it in the jacket, wardrobe or on the sofa. Anyway, it smells a bit sometimes and it takes away most of it.
This is perfect – after many sweaty workouts, the shoes smell so much fresher as if they were brand new.
These little miracle pillows really work.
Very satisfied!!
SmellWell is a great thing to buy at least when you have a guy playing soccer 3-4 times a week and comes home with a smelly bag and smelly shoes. Great, effective way to stop odors in the bag or shoes. Warm recommendation.
They worked. No odor and smart packaging easy to use super satisfied. I will buy again.
For a week I’ve tested your sample of the “odor pillow” in the boots, which my husband had for years and smelled really bad. Because I only had one, it just became a shoe that smelled good !!
What a result, will certainly use in the future !! Thank you thank you!! I think I’m going to try other shoe now ….