Life as a hockey mum

I’m so happy and thankful that my kids play ice hockey. It’s a chance for them to be physically active and sweaty a couple of times every week. They also get to be part of a team. They really seem to like their team and some of their team mates have become good friends even outside the hockey rink.

I like it as well. I have a good time together with the other parents. We support and help each other making sure to give good support for the team. Even though I like most parts of it, there are some downsides with being a hockey mum:

  • It’s cold standing in a hockey arena watching when the kids are training and playing matches.
  • A lot of hockey gear is needed, which is expensive.
  • Not to mention the smell from the gloves and skates. It’s terrible.

But the pros still win over the cons and I have found strategies for tackling the downsides.

Life as a hockey mum

A lot of clothes in different layers seem to be the best key for staying warm. Also remembering to keep moving to keep the energy in the blood. As my kids get older the less I actually need to be in the hockey arena. Instead I can be out for a walk and run while they do their training.

Expensive equipment is a tough part. Sometimes we arrange meetings in the hockey club when we can swap with each other. This can help keep the cost down.

Then we have the smell in gloves and skates. In the beginning, I tried everything to get rid of the smell, but it just stayed anyway. Then I got a tip from another mum, she had bought SmellWell and recommended me to try it as well. I was skeptical to start with, but thought it was worth a try. I put SmellWell in both gloves and skates. I forgot about it until the next training session and I was both suprised and amazed. The gloves and skates actually smelled better. Nothing I had tried before had worked, but this product really made a difference. From now on we always have at least 4 SmellWell lying in the hockey trunk ready to put in the gear after each training and hockey match.

Life as a hockey mum is pretty nice anyway :-)

SmellWell Ice Hockey