SmellWell - Så håller du uppe motivationen i höst

My name is Thilda and I’m an elite athlete in long jump. I must practice all year around, regardless of weather, wind and motivation. Now when autumn comes and it’s getting dark early in the evenings I still have to do my practice. The leaves are shifting color and fall down like a quilt on the ground. I live in Sweden and during this time of the year everything feels grey and I always lose my motivation. But this year I have come up with 6 good things that makes the situation better. It makes autumn training MUCH more motivational and fun. It has made a big difference for me and I therefore would like to share it with you!

1. Be sure to practice a sport that you really like. No one is particularly motivated to go to a body pump class unless they think it’s fun. If you feel compelled you may get 1-2 weeks before getting stuck on the couch again. So, tip number 1 is: find an activity that you really enjoy!

2. Train together! Find a new training partner with the same interests and motivation as you. Training with a high-level friend can sometimes feel tough, but at the same time it can be a great motivator. It depends a lot on how you can control your thoughts. Motivate yourself to keep on feeling that your activity is fun, even if you’re not the best!

3. Think of the fall as the time for meal preparations. It will be thousand times easier to eat right and in good amounts if you prepare the food and have it ready in the refrigerator. When you get home from your exercise, the food is already prepared and you know exactly what to eat. With this preparation it’s more likely that you will eat good food even in busy times. My autumn favorites are root vegetables as it’s the season for them now. Everything from boiling, oven roasting, steam cooking, frying or making a fresh raw salad as an accompaniment to a good meal.

SmellWell - Så håller du uppe motivationen i höst

4. Buy new exercise clothes. For me, it always works! As soon as I buy a new item, I want to use it immediately. Either some nice running in the fall sun (because we must not forget that our nature is very beautiful the few days when there is sun and beautiful temperatures) or go to the gym to try your new clothes. My favorite items are available at (super nice fit and they are made in recycled material. Win Win! You can get 10% off their entire shop if you enter “Thilda10” )

5. Stay fresh! Get yourself a pair of SmellWell in a nice color to keep your shoes and exercise equipment fresh and odorless. We all know it’s easier to wear a pair of fresh shoes than a pair of wet bad smelling ones. All training becomes easier when your equipment is in a good condition. Everything gets easier with a couple of SmellWell and your household will thank you, because the house/apartment will also be fresh and odorless. Additional places to use SmellWell are in the laundry basket, in the fridge (if you have an onion or any other sharp smell that you cannot get away, for example), in the car or in the work bag. In addition, it’s a perfect Christmas gift.

6. Last but not least – use the darkness and this season as motivation. When you think about how long the fall is you can easily be depressed, but instead think of how many workouts you can actually have time to do during this time. Then you can feel the benefit of your training in the spring sun and be in your very best form. To “survive” the fall in Sweden is a struggle, we all know that, especially if you’re a summer person like me. I prefer to live in a climate where it is between 25-30 degrees the whole year around. But you can do the struggle now and turn it into something positive, “Work hard in the silence: and let success make the noise

SmellWell - Så håller du uppe motivationen i höst

Thilda Särnevång

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