Five ways to use SmellWell

Many of us have a problem with smelly feet and stinky shoes. It can be a constant and somewhat embarrassing battle, but never fear, SmellWell is here! SmellWell is a shoe freshener designed to combat all types of odors making those workouts a little less daunting. SmellWell is a rather all-encompassing product and can have a number of uses. We will outline the ways it can be used so that you can smell fresh wherever you are!

Five ways to use SmellWell - Shoes
  • First up are the shoes. SmellWell pouches can be placed inside the shoe every day to neutralize the smell. This works even better if you have a second pair of shoes so you can alternate the days you wear them and gradually eliminate the shoe odor.


Five ways to use SmellWell - Gym Bag
  • The next use is in the gym bag. After every workout, clothes and shoes tend to be thrown in willy-nilly which can cause the bag to gain a bad odor from all these items. Keeping damp clothing inside will also add to the problem.
Five ways to use SmellWell - Sportswear
  • Other types of sportswear, motorcycle gear and even business clothes will all benefit from small pouches being hidden around as well. These are all examples of use for those who are a little bit sportier but for those of you who are less so, SmellWell is still extremely beneficial.
Five ways to use SmellWell - Car
  • In everyday life, SmellWell can be used as an odor eliminator in cars. Overtime the new car smell will be replaced with something usually less pleasant. Placing a couple of SmellWell pouches on the dashboard can go a long way to bringing back a pleasant aroma to your car.
  • SmellWell can also be used in the house. Pouches can be placed on shelves in the room that needs refreshing. Remember that quite often we leave our smelly shoes in the hallway and this odor can permeate our houses. Let’s bring a nice welcome smell to the house on our return home.