The hashtag Beast has been redefined at #FIBO2017! Since its founding in 1985, FIBO, the Leading International Trade Fair for Fitness, Wellness and Health, has been held annually in April – since 2013 in Cologne. With exhibits covering a floor space of 160,000 m², FIBO entices more than 940 exhibitors and over 153,000 visitors -to make the trek from every corner of the globe. FIBO does more than just put on display current trends and innovations from the fitness and health sector: an extensive interactive program beckons visitors to join this unforgettable 4 days.


SmellWell launched in German early this year, starting with ISPO and our ever-expanding brand awareness continued at FIBO in Hall 4.2, we met so many beautiful and driven people.


Sascha Dejas, a drill sergeant at Baristi Workout from Hamburg, with mad callisthenic skills. This form of gymnastic exercises is aimed to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement. Springing from the Greek “Kallos” meaning Beauty and “Sthenos” Strength, it promotes healthy living and a desirable physique can be attained by means of calisthenics. A series of many simple exercises which are performed using purely body weight. The aim of these exercises is to train muscularity strength and to evolve comprehensive fitness. Dating back as far as 500 B.C soldiers in training during the reign of the Spartans and Chinese Monks dedicated to protecting their monasteries from robbers and looters utilized these calisthenics methods. Think “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” meets “300”. This will no doubt transform your body and your physique and ready for-TV piece of equipment. @khalisthenix


SmellWell also met Markus Fritschi, who started Gettoworkout in October 2015. An amazing Team, with loads of energy and a fantastic spirit – is the first workout that combines fitness with team sports – Gettoworkout it is exhausting, building team spirit and motivation. From the first to the last, the team remains together, but everyone can go to his personal limit. The first High Intensity Interval team workout based on pure bodyweight training.


Gettoworkout is a young company from Augsburg, which has become Germany’s fastest growing bodyweight team workout within a year. Now Markus is finally release the Gettoworkout app later this year, to reach even more people, while keeping the “social” factor high, get fit and feel much better physically and mentally. Get those endorphin pumping! Gettoworkout is based on the scientifically proven High Intensity Interval Training, which was developed in the 1930s for performance sprinters and mid-range runners. HIIT focuses on short to very short, high-intensity stress phases, followed by short to medium pauses. Numerous studies demonstrate the effectiveness of HIIT, which is why today it is a component of almost every professional training for performance enhancement – and it is sporty. @getto.workout


Maya Rose who is from USA, and now living in Germany came past our stand at FIBO, a beautiful girl with a big heart. Don’t let the sport’s model facade fool you, she offers more than nutritional advice and “I promise I will listen to you and give you the empathy you deserve.” Says Maya on her blog (Dark Hours) Leading herself to listen, without judgement while you remain anonymous. Nothing like a good talk. @maya.rose96


Some very impressive bodies, from all over the world we there, to be photographed with their adoring fans. The gates of Gym Heaven had opened and the largest people you can image – emerged! One of the guys we met were Brandon Curry. In 2008, Curry won both the heavyweight division and the overall of the NPC USA Championships, which secured him ranking as a professional bodybuilder. Oscar was a bit star-struck.@brandon__curry

Dennis Wolf, a native of the former USSR who moved with his family to Germany in 1992, Dennis Wolf first became interested in bodybuilding as a hobby. In 2007, Dennis placed 5th at the prestigious Mr. Olympia. @denniswolfifbbpro


Ron Partlow, born in Alberta, Canada Ron is a IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, giving Mutant Nation a new meaning, he claimed the Canadian Overall Masters Champion in 2015. Of course he got some SmellWell to try out. @rep300


Johnnie O. Jackson, hailing from New Jersey, an IFBB professional bodybuilder and powerlifter. Jackson is considered to have one of the best developed upper bodies in all, of  professional bodybuilding in the world. @johnnieojackson


Sven & Sarah (@mr._sven_honesties @ sweet_honesties_bys)

SmellWell coolest German Ambassadors, they are personifying Fit Couple Goals. They got into fitness 2015, starting a website and doing product promotions. SweetHonesties is their baby is intended to help each individual with motivation. They offer training, nutrition, couplegoals, before-and-after comparisons. And the best thing about it – everything is real. Passionate, disciplined and hard work. Join their “BAD ASS CHALLENGE” showing you how to be healthy and giving you a jump start into the fitness.


Sweden was re-presented so well at FIBO, NOCCO, Gavelo, SmartShake and Barebells! WE are looking forward to next year – SmellWell is ready to take on #FIBO2018!