SmellWell FAQ Sweaty Shoes


How does SmellWell Work? How long does SmellWell last? Why does sweat smell bad? Can I wash my SmellWell? Read here for the answers to these and other common questions.

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How do I use SmellWell?

SmellWell are bags that can be put in any kind of shoes, bags or spaces where bad odors can occur. By placing SmellWell in shoes overnight, the bad smell is removed and replaced by a fresh scent. Feel free to put SmellWell in your work shoes after the workday, in the training shoes after the training session or in your finest shoes after the party. That way, SmellWell takes care of the inside of your shoes and keeps them always fresh and dry.

How long does SmellWell last?

SmellWellOriginal lasts for up to 3-4 months and SmellWellXL up to 6 months, at which point you should replace the bags. The lifespan of the bags can depend on the environment in which they are used. Generally, life expectancy is shortened when used in areas with high relative humidity. For example if they are used in a pair of sweaty hockey gloves, they can work harder than in a pair of relatively dryer sneakers.

Can I wash my SmellWell?

No! SmellWell serves as a natural filter that effectively removes bad smells. If you think your SmellWell feels a bit unwelcome after a long time in your shoes then place them somewhere air can circulate and reach them. In this way they are ventilated and become significantly fresher again. If they have been lying in really wet shoes, crystals are formed in the bag, which allows them to solidify. You can easily break the crystals by squeezing the bag so that they regain their natural consistency again as well as the ability to absorb moisture.

Does SmellWell contain antibacterial substances?

No, SmellWell contains no antibacterial substances. It’s the natural content that helps the bad odor to be removed. The moisture absorbed by SmellWell reduces the possibility for bacteria to grow and create a smelly environment.

Does SmellWell contain Phtalates or Biocides?

No, SmellWell contains neither phthalates nor biocides but consists only of renewable absorbents.

Is the color used to print the pattern on the bags approved?

Yes, the color used has been checked in accordance with REACH Appendix 1-3 to ensure that it contains no prohibited substances.

Does SmellWell come in different scents?

No, it’s the same fresh scent in all SmellWells regardless of design. SmellWellUnscented has no scent.

Can SmellWell counteract nail fungus?

Nail fungus often coincides with Athelete’s Foot, which can be counteracted by keeping the shoes dry. Add SmellWell to the shoes when you do not use them so they absorb moisture and keep the shoes dry. This reduces the risk of foot and nail fungus.

Does SmellWell counteract Athlete’s Foot?

Foot fungus is especially common among athletes, as they often wear frequently used shoes that easily get hot and sweaty. The moisture provides a perfect breeding ground for Athlete’s Foot causing bacteria and by using SmellWell, you can prevent the risk of Athlete’s Foot by continuously using SmellWell to keep the shoes dry between workouts. This also applies to other occupational groups wearing warm, dense work shoes.

Why does sweat smell bad?

On the whole body, sensors feel body temperature and signal to the brain if it is time to regulate it. This is done primarily by sweating. However, there are two types of sweat – heat sweating and stress sweating.

Heat sweat, for example excreted during exercise, comes from eccrine glands and stress sweat from something called apocrine glands. There is no big difference between the sweat secreted, but usually you can say that the apocrine glands (stress sweat) produces more proteinaceous sweat – something that bacteria and fungus like to eat. The reason that foot sweat is such a big problem is mostly because there are more bacteria and fungi in dark, humid environments – such as shoes.

When the bacteria are then saturated, they emit sulfur-like substances that, for us, smell unpleasant. What SmellWell does is to remove the moisture where bacteria and fungi thrive to eliminate the problem before it occurs.