SmellWell Areas of Use

Areas of Use

How can you use SmellWell? In shoes, Bags, Cars, however you like! SmellWell works in many situations.

SmellWell i skor


After a full day in the same shoes or tough workouts, shoes do not always smell so fresh. They have been tightly sealed and it can be difficult to get those shoes fresh again. But with SmellWell it’s very simple. Put a bag in each shoe and leave the bag in the shoe during the night to absorb the moisture formed in the shoe.

If you have a shoe that smells really bad and needs extra love, we recommend SmellWellOriginal which additionally adds a fresh scent.

SmellWell i arbetsskor

Work Shoes

Work shoes often have it tough. We have them on us all day and usually put them quite an ordeal. When the workday is over, it’s good to put in a few SmellWells.

Leave the bags until it is time for the next work day. It feels great to start the day again with fresh work shoes.

SmellWell i boxningshandskar

Boxing Gloves

Everyone who has tried boxing knows how bad the gloves smell after a while and it’s really hard to do anything about it. But now SmellWellOriginal, which absorbs the moisture in the gloves is a really good solution to try. Put a SmellWell in each glove – the salts and absorbents in SmellWell get rid of moisture, making the gloves drier and fresher and ready for round two.

If you buy new gloves start using SmellWell straightaway, to keep your gloves on top even longer.

SmellWell i pjäxor

Ski Boots and Snowboard Boots

A day off on the ski slope and hardly anybody will want to smell the pants or boots after that. Or  before the ski trip, while are looking for their boots in the garage. Throw in a pair of SmellWellOriginal, let them stay for a while and you have a huge improvement. Get in the habit of putting in a couple after the last day of the holiday.

If the boot is in bad condition, you may need to use SmellWell several times before full power is reached.

SmellWell i väskan

Training Bag

That smell when you open the bag and you forgot to remove the clothes that were in there overnight. Of course, you will remove the clothes, but sometimes the smell will remain in the bag. Add in some SmellWellOriginal. The next day it will smell good again.

Also take care to put SmellWell in the bag immediately after training so the bag stays fresh even if it needs to carry on carrying those sweaty exercise clothes.

SmellWell i bilen

In the Car

You always want the car to smell new and fresh. But reality comes crashing in. A forgotten banana, a bit of long lost laundry and maybe some smelly shoes under the seat. The modern rescue is called SmellWell. Add some in the car and next time you drive, maybe you will even think you have a new car.

If you have an older car that easily absorbs moisture, it may be worth testing some SmellWell to see if they can make a difference to the moisture. Try to add two SmellWellOriginals near the front window.

How do you use your SmellWell? We’d love to hear from you or tag use on social media with #smellwell