About SmellWell Sweaty Shoes Swedish Innovation

About SmellWell

SmellWell began with Hannah’s smelly football boots on the coast of Varberg. Read our complete history on how SmellWell came to be.

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Innovative solution for footsweat, smelly shoes, preventing Athelete's Foot and making shoes fresh

SmellWell started with Hannah’s smelly soccer boots.

“”Football was my great interest throughout my youth. Most of the people who have been near a pair of soccer boots know how they can smell.

My dad often complained about the stench from my shoes and one day he had enough. He went to the sports store to buy something to get rid of the smell. Together we tested everything from balls to sprays without the desired results. Then he decided to find his own solution to the problem.

The result was SmellWell. He was inspired by old tricks that his grandmother, who was an Indian, used as a teenager. Then took the help of a chemist to develop the product. The goal was to develop an effective solution that would also be simple and easy to use.

 – Hannah”

Innovative solution for footsweat, smelly shoes, preventing Athelete's Foot and making shoes fresh

Hannah’s family lives in Varberg on the Swedish west coast and here is where SmellWell’s main offices are. We are a team that likes innovation, cohesion and training. Here are some of us trying to test wave surfing for the first time.

We like to see and hear from you! Please feel free to contact us when using our products. #smellwell #makesyourstuffsmellwell

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About SmellWell Varberg Video

Have you been to Varberg? This fantastic summer town offers everything from surfing to beautiful spas. During July, an event is held called Hallifornia, which draws people from all over Sweden for a weekend filled with activities! Watch the movie and let yourself be inspired – we welcome you to our hometown!

Varberg inspires
About SmellWell Sweaty Shoes Swedish Innovation

Our Ambassadors

We are proud to work together with inspiring ambassadors from all over the world

SmellWell Ambassadors

Our ambassadors represent everything from fitness to extreme sports like MotoX where Cory Berglar is our latest addition to the team. Common to all ambassadors is that they are passionate about their sport and share our values. Are you interested in a mutual cooperation? Send an email to [email protected].