So traditionally, SmellWell Shoe Freshener pouches are moisture absorbing and odor eliminating Pouches that you slip into your footwear overnight to freshen them up after a hard day doing whatever it is you love doing. But as well as footwear, we’ve seen SmellWell being used for other, less obvious purposes. So, here are a few examples!

1) Everyday shoes/workboots

It stands to reason that you can use SmellWell Shoe Freshener pouches in the footwear that you use everyday. It’s also possible that these are the shoes you own that need the most help! Even better if you have more than one pair – you can have a pair of SmellWell in the pair you’re not using and then swap the next day after leaving SmellWell in the pair you’ve just worn.

2) In your training/gym bag

This is a more well known use. Since SmellWell prides itself on it’s team of fitness ambassadors, we’ve seen our product used extensively in gym or training bags. Due to the high moisture content present, SmellWell pouches have proven time and again to be extremely effective in keeping gear dry and the bag smelling in a great condition.

3) In boxing gloves

Like the gym bag scenario, boxing or MMA gloves have a LOT of moisture in them after a hard session in the ring, often way more than shoes do. SmellWell fights as hard as you to combat this moisture and deny smell producing bacteria an environment in which to thrive, something SmellWell excels at!

4) Sports/Fitness footwear

The more traditional use for SmellWell Shoe Freshener pouches. Using our pouches in your sport or fitness footwear stops the odors usually associated with training shoes that have been thoroughly put through their paces! After every workout, simply slip your SmellWell pouches into the shoes of your choice and leave overnight. Next day, they’ll be good for the gym/track again!

 5) In the car

Again, not the most traditional use of SmellWell, but if you’re missing that new car smell that you love when picking up your new or used car from the dealer, then a couple of SmellWell on the dashboard are just what you need! After a few days, that slightly ‘used’ smell will be replaced with something a little more pleasing!

6) In Motorcycle Gear

Everyone driving a motorcycle or quad bike knows how the equipment can smell, especially at the end of the summer when driving through a few bumps and sweating in the helmet during hot summer days. However, there is a solution to the problem! SmellWell keeps both your gloves and helmet dry and fresh between runs. Put a bag in each glove and a pair in the helmet and you will get the smell out. An accessory that many motorcyclists take on holiday, where the laundry facilities are not always the best.

 7) In the house

You might not think it obvious due to their size, but having a couple of SmellWell sitting on a shelf in your house does wonders for keeping the air fresh! Particularly useful if you have a pair in the entry or hallway, so you get a hit of SmellWell freshness the minute you come home!